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Sheki Tour

2 Days
• Breakfast at hotel
• Leaving the hotel for Shaki
• Visiting the mountainous village Kish where ancient Alban Churches remains
• Visiting “Galasan-Gorasan” fortress (the name of fortress means “ if you will come, you will
see )
• Lunch at local restaurant and tasting the main dish of Shaki “the Piti”Walking excursion in
the oldest sites of Shaki city (Yuxari Bash)
• Visiting the Shaki Khan’s Palace (excellent example of Palace architecting during the late
Safavids’ period)
• Visiting Folk Art museum of Shaki located in ancient Albanian temple.
• Visiting the Shaki Silk factory. Learning the old methods of silk production
• Visiting the Shaki Karavansarai
• Dinner at Karavansarai
• Overnight in Shaki or return to Baku
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Sheki Tour
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