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Mud Volcanoes

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There is a group of active volcanoes Dashgil situated to the east of the Gobustan museum. You will be able to see it very close and climb to the very crater of mud volcanoes and watch the gurgling liquid clay. Beautiful scenery, will make you feel like you are on the Mars planet (The scientists made such analogy because the surface in the Gobustan is very similar to the surface of the Mars) and the constant mud gurgle creates a sensation of an unearthly surface. Most of all mud volcanoes in the world are in Azerbaijan. Mud volcanoes of Mount Dashgil are located on the Absheron Peninsula, 10 kilometers south of Gobustan. Mud volcanoes reach 15 meters in height. Travelers usually come to see the eruption of small mud volcanoes, which occur every 10-15 minutes. Azerbaijan is considered a classic area of mud volcanism development. The area of mud volcanoes spread here is 16,000 km2. This is more than one-third of the mud volcanoes that exist on the globe. Giant volcanoes such as Kalmas, Touragai, B. Kyanizadag and other mildewed volcanic manifestations (Duzdag, Khidyrly, etc.) are also prominent here; volcanoes at rest (Kursangya, Pirgarin and others Dzherelo
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Mud Volcanoes
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